Over 30 years, our team has created 300 projects of varying complexity and volume.

Large or small projects, which are held by people as customers and people as performers, all these projects are done for other people for consumers.
Our end customers are our true customers..
We design furniture, lamps, decor items of serial production for the end consumer-buyer, and our customer, the manufacturer in this chain plays the main role of the industrial and service partner.
The efforts of the design studio SV & Partners and our partner manufacturers are concentrated on the creation and production of the “product” demanded by the consumer.
The product of product design developed by us has a commercial life cycle of 3 years or more. We have “products” that have been successfully produced and sold for 15 years..
The experience that we learned from our work is at the same time very simple and complex.

Marketing and analytics:

Design Studio SV & Partners conducts its own research, monitoring target markets, examines the accumulated customer experience and applies the acquired knowledge in the development of the “product”.


Customers trust us with complex and responsible projects: Our largest project, the furniture for the Agromat shopping center, is 12,000 square meters. Our 8250 km project, the most remote from Kiev, is the stand of designers and furniture companies at High Point Market 2019 USA. We created exhibition stands in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Milano, Koln, High Point.

Design and construction:

The tasks that design studio SV & Partners solves are subject design: we are responsible for the question of what properties, functions should the “product” have to have for the consumer today and in the long term 3-10 years.

The design of a “product” is always about the future, which is based on a reality that goes deep into history.

Technology and production:

Engineers at SV & Partners Design Studio know 3-10 technological ways to complete an operation, a part, and a “product” as a whole.
Creating a “product”, experts are guided by the concepts of “accessibility of technology”, “sustainable production process” and “predicted quality”.
Choosing technology and production process, we rely on the doctrine of the fourth industrial revolution industry 4.0 to meet the market demand for the product “here and now 24/7/360».

Quality and supply chain:

SV & Partners design team applies the principle of “reasonable sufficiency” in the selection of materials and components for each project.
We attend international and industry exhibitions, track news on materials, conduct business communications with leading companies and brands.

Related Service:

The comprehensive approach of SV & Partners and attention to detail is a hallmark of our work.
We do: photos, videos, visualization, copywriting, product promotion in Social Media, design exhibitions, and trade spaces.

We do the job efficiently and responsibly thanks to the experience and years of hard work in the subject design.