TAO cabinet system


TAO cabinet system

The office of an executive of the level of the president or the owner of a large international business.
Series: ТАО
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Elvira Chemerys
Elvira Chemerys


Materials used:

  • Exotic precious woods;
  • Natural leather;
  • Decorative elements of Brass coated with lacquer;
  • Plywood lined with natural veneer;
  • Varnish multi-layer coating on all wooden and veneered surfaces;
  • Transformation Mechanisms;
  • Switching unit;
  • Built-in Bi-Color RGB LED lights;
  • Premium fittings.

The office of the head of the level of the president or the owner of a large international business.

The stylistic solution resembles the cabinet furniture of the 50-70s of the 20th century.

The design of the office combines elements of the Art Deco style and Minimalism.

Simple and concise softened forms are combined with luxury finishes with premium materials.

Massive and decorative rich trim emphasizes the status of the owner.

A light touch of traditionalism and conservatism gives a reference to the chic wooden yachts and executive cars of the 20th century.

Author’s development of a premium product design agency SV & Partners.

Ukrainian object design.

Solutions for the integration of computer peripherals and digital communication elements are hidden in the rack support, if necessary, extend to the working position.

Some of the details of the know-how trim and design are deliberately omitted to avoid being copied by unscrupulous competitors.