Creation of a logo, identity and advertising media for the company Kruti Seyfi.
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Elvira Chemerys
Elvira Chemerys


Applicable materials:

  • Steel structural wall 3 mm.
  • 15 mm plywood veneered
  • RAL 9006 painting
  • Certified safe locks.
  • Electronic fingerprint locks
  • Textile and polyurethane elements and segregation.
Design Studio SV & Partners successfully create logos, corporate identity, and advertising graphics.

We have developed for our partner a unique font for writing an abbreviated abbreviation for the company name.

The proposed unified solutions of a recognizable logo for the design of corporate pages and posts on social networks.

We also developed a complete spelling of the company logo in a new font.

Continuing the comprehensive work on the project on typesetting advertising materials, we created layouts for:

 1.Personal Business Cards

the front side of the flyer


 2. Flyer A-5 format

 3. Advertising roll banner 1 meter wide 2 meters high.

 4. Creating a brand book can be viewed at the link: http://online.pubhtml5.com/wcqb/edjj/

In the course of work on the mock-ups of advertising materials, a need arose for a subject photograph of the finished product of the safe from various angles.

Since the product was at the prototype stage, we created a 3-D model and visualized the future product. Saved the time for the preparation and release of promotional materials. We managed to print everything and give it to the partner on time for the exhibition.

The addition of a flyer and a roller banner with elements of infographics revealed the competitive advantages of our partner’s product.
This solution is used in creating promotional materials and infographics for selling products on Amazon.

P.S. Our cooperation did not end with the creation of identities and promotional materials for the partner.
We held consultations on the finalization and design of the product after the manufacture of the prototype.
They proposed rational and technological design changes, as well as options for decorative finishing of veneered parts.