Specialized retail space and furniture project for the KRONAS company from SV & Partners design studio.
Series: trading equipment and space
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Elvira Chemerys
Elvira Chemerys
Yuri Kamchatny
Yuri Kamchatny
Engineer Constructor
Artyom Kundilovsky
Artyom Kundilovsky
Constructor / Prototyping Specialist


The project of trade and exhibition space and furniture for the KRONAS company has a wide range of materials used, such as:

Particleboard plates from 10 mm to 38 mm.

MDF boards from 3 to 38 mm.

Aluminum profile of various sections.

LED lights. Steel welded and prefabricated structures from a 30/30 mm pipe coated with powder paint.

Glass 4-10 mm red-hot.


A wide variety of technologies used in trade stands and furniture were reflected in the total project.

Design Studio SV & Partners with special attention approached optimization in details, elements and assemblies. We also carried out optimization in the sizes of stands and mounted exhibition panels; all this allowed us to solve various problems with a minimum number of standard stands.

The term of design work from setting objectives to delivery of design documentation is 5 months.

The implementation period for the entire facility from the start of work to commissioning is 14 months.

At the beginning of 2018, we received a preliminary request for the design of special retail furniture for the KRONAS company.

After a series of approvals with the customer and preparatory work at the facility, SV & Partners Design Studio began work at the end of August 2018 and completed work in January 2019.

Object characteristics:

  • Location Ukraine Kiev st. Sergienka, 18.
  •  Parking for 30 cars
  •  Industrial panel building was built during the USSR. Storeys – 4 floors.
  •  The area allocated for the project is 2200 meters / sq. 1100 meters / sq. on each floor.
  •  1st floor entrance area, warehouse of accessories and components, production area and the zone of issuing orders.
  •  2nd floor trade and exhibition hall and a mini cafe.
  •  The number of exhibition stands of more than 180 SKUs combined into 8 basic serial types and 45 unique products.

After reviewing the customer’s project documentation, we proposed our solutions for optimizing products according to the product range and solutions in design and construction, which will lead to significant savings in product creation time and cost of production costs.

Having negotiated and agreed with the project team members on the part of the customer, the specialists of the SV & Partners design studio began to develop concepts for retail furniture and space.

The tasks that we solved in the project:

  1. Project management and change management.
  2. Using customer experience to create concepts for trade stands.
  3. Consultations on design, optimization and unification of trade stands and furniture samples
  4. Creation of sketches of future trade stands and exhibition furniture samples.
  5. Visualization in 3-D MAX 2016 trade stands and furniture samples.
  6. Preparation of the Terms of Reference for the design of stands and furniture in a form agreed with the customer.
  7. Coordination of the Terms of Reference with the participants of the customer’s project team.
  8. Design development of engineering documentation for the manufacture of furniture in the programs Basis Furniture 10 and SolidWorks.
  9. Consulting a customer at the stage of setting products in production and testing prototypes.
  10. Creation of planning solutions in the space of the trade and exhibition hall.
  11. Creation of planning solutions for the arrangement of production equipment and a warehouse of fittings.
  12. Designing solutions in merchandising products at exhibition stands.
  13. Express SWOT- analysis of a shopping facility.