Mini Mag


Mini Mag

Our design studio SV & Partners has developed a series of furniture “Mini Mag” to complete trade and exhibition spaces.
Series: furniture for the assembly of trade and exhibition spaces
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Valerii Sukhytskyi
Anna Schukina
Anna Schukina
Furniture designer
Irina Branitskaya
Irina Branitskaya
Visualization designer
Eduard Manzhara
Eduard Manzhara
Engineer Constructor
Sergey Malashchuk
Sergey Malashchuk
prototyping and modeling


Applicable materials:

  • The profile is traded anodized or painted aluminum 30/30 mm and 25/25 mm a wall of 1,5 mm.
  • Profile trade anodized or painted aluminum strip 60/16 mm and 40/16 wall 1.5 mm.
  • Profile coating with the anode “Silver”, “Black”, “Bronze”, “Gold”.
  • Profile painting RAL 9003
  • Painting RAL 3024 profile
  • RAL 6010 profile painting
  • Glass 4-10 mm with processing along the perimeter and tempered.
  • Mirror 4 is glued with the shockproof film.
  • Chipboard plate laminated bottom of drawers 10 mm, case 16 mm, shelves 25 mm.
  • Support adjustable special M-8 D-16 mm.
  • LED lamp.


The new showcases of the “Mini Mag” trading furniture series allow you to create an exposition and efficient display of goods in cramped and narrow rooms.

The issues of “access control” and opening of shop windows by combining the possibility of installing both sliding and swinging door systems in one typical case have been resolved. Locks are installed on all types of doors and drawers.

The proposed series is interesting for its wide range, which allows organizing trade or exhibition spaces for exhibiting or selling a non-food group of goods and a number of food products.

The use of new functional dimensions and additional lighting elements significantly affects the “consumer choice at the final point of sale.”

Various color solutions for painting and finishing the aluminum profile, complemented by a wide color and texture range of laminated chipboard, makes the proposed Mini Mag trading furniture system a universal and affordable tool in the design of specialized spaces.

Constructive decisions of a series of trading furniture are based on the use of an aluminum profile as a supporting frame.

Filling such a frame can be different:

  • Laminated chipboard plate
  • 4mm thick glass or mirror.
  • Plywood coated with veneer or HPL plastic.
  • ALUBOND panels

Also, the Mini Mag system can be used as a storage system in pharmacies and medical offices or laboratories.

In this system of commercial equipment, various types of shelves are used. Based on the requirements for commercial equipment, shelves can be glass 6–10 mm thick or from laminated chipboard 18–25 mm thick. The trading system can be used not only in the design of stores but also to solve design problems in offices with an increased flow of people and staff.

The restrained and rational design of the trading system is harmoniously combined with the minimalistic decoration of modern retail premises. This style has long remained in demand and relevant in the design of shops and outlets.

The system is recyclable by more than 60%