SV & Partners full-cycle design studio is actively creating training programs and teaching materials for specialists in the furniture industry and subject design.

We create seminars and master classes on topics of interest to a wide range of furniture business professionals.


“Basics of furniture design”

  • This is a comprehensive practical program that includes 18 basic lessons of 3 hours.
  • Designed for designers and designers with an initial and intermediate level of training, we read it for educational groups from 6 to 9 people.
  • The program is based on its own proprietary methodology for “express staff training” divided into four main stages and a number of intermediate stages.
  • at the end of the program, students independently design cabinet furniture in the format of a manual graphic presentation of the project/
  • The cost is 1350 Euro for 18 lessons.
Stage 1

Fundamentals of design work methodology; learn to think and make decisions.

Stage 2

The study of basic techniques of artistic and compositional presentation; learn to see forms and draw.

Stage 3

Studying the basics of ergonomics, design and construction, materials science; teach practical industry knowledge.

Stage 4

Practical work on creating furniture on real projects; we apply the acquired knowledge under the guidance of Valery Sukhitsky.

We have prepared for you a mini-course of 6 lectures “Digital channels of the furniture company”


“Building a cross-project team and creating a product”

  • this is a comprehensive practical program
  • Designed for corporate training of personnel to solve marketing, creative, engineering and commercial tasks.
  • includes 4 basic classes of 3 hours each is designed for teams from 4 to 9 people
  • the cost of 1800 Euros for the team course.
  • The program is conducted by Valery Sukhitsky.


“3-D MAX & Photoshop”

  • This is a comprehensive practical program for studying the program 3-D MAX Corona render and Photoshop
  • Designed for furniture designers and interior designers.
  • includes 10 basic classes for 3 hours, offline training for 1-2 people.
  • the cost of 750 Euro for 10 lessons.
  • conducts training Chemerys Elvira


“Staff training for furniture companies “

  • This is a comprehensive program designed for companies that are interested in training their staff in the workplace.
  • for each company, we develop individual training modules or entire programs.

Here you can see our workshops and webinars


“Individual consultations”

  • Designed for designers, constructors and furniture companies.
  • for each company, we develop individual training modules or entire programs.
  • the cost of remote consultation is from 50 to 100 Euro for 1 hour of consultation, depending on the complexity of the issue and the depth of its study
We individually advise in the following areas:
  • Building effective work of design departments and cross-working groups.
  • Innovative and traditional product design techniques
  • Materials and technologies for product processing
  • Content creation and promotion

On our YouTube channel in the Question-Answer playlist, you will find answers to frequently asked questions



  • holding personal offline meetings in Kiev with analysis and discussion of your work, both finished products and concepts.
  • Designed for beginners and advanced designers, startups and working business.
  • cost from 250 Euro for 2 hours of consultation.


Basics of furniture design from 1350 EUR
Building a cross-project teamfrom 1800 EUR
3-D Maxfrom 750 EUR
Individual consultations for students, for 1 hour from 50 EUR
Design revue for students, for 2 hours of work with a portfolio or projects from 250 EUR

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