We invent and develop aluminum systems for furniture and commercial equipment, furniture fittings, supports for residential and office furniture, connectors, plugs, connectors, adjustable supports, cable management systems.


We invent and develop design documentation for equipment, fixtures, storage systems and logistics for the furniture industry.


We optimize or modify existing “products” of customers.

Work is carried out in specialized CAD programs:

  • Machine building
  • Architectural
  • Furniture
  • Universal

File formats, sample CD design, and CAD program releases are agreed with the Customer.

Our specialization:

Design documentation for a prototype and / or industrial design.

Design documentation for single and small-scale products.

Design documentation for single and small-scale products.

Nesting cards, specifications, picking lists.

Route and operational maps.

Design documentation for packaging and packaging drawing, the layout of products on a pallet.

Instructions and assembly schemes for the product, including video instructions and 3-D animations.

Passport products.

Product labels on packaging and packaging design in general.

Installation drawings and wiring diagrams for lighting and power supply.

Patterns and patterns.

Programs for machining parts on CNC centers.

Design documentation for specialized equipment and accessories.

Plan layout of equipment arrangement and product movement.

Examples of drawings

Drawings begin with product concepts and visualizations.


Product drawings and assembly diagrams


Packaging Drawings


Detail Drawings

Base prices

An hour of work on the development of drawings of our team costs 40 EUR

  • Minimum order 10 hours amount of 400 EUR.
  • The final price of the drawings depends on many factors and is calculated individually based on the customer’s requirements.
  • All package watches do not include:
  • Travel and transportation in the city of Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole, departure for measurements of the object or coordination at the object.
  • Cost preparation and adjustment of TK by the customer and the contractor.
  • Additional types of work and costs are agreed separately with the PM / SM manager.

Price on CAD drawing

Measurements of the room for installation, for m / 2
from 3 EUR
Planning decisions of the arrangement of equipment and equipment, for m/2 from 10 EUR
Preparation of technical specifications for serial or individual an item on the part of the customer or contractor, for 1 SKU or item from 300 EUR
Selection of accessories, for 1 SKU or item from 50 EUR
Simplified design documentation serve, for 1 SKU or an itemfrom 120 EUR
Design documentation, for 1 SKU or item from 200 EUR
Design documentation for packaging, for 1 SKU or item from 200 EUR
Wiring diagram, for 1 SKU or itemfrom 200 EUR
The assembly scheme of the product and the specification sheet, for 1 SKU or item from 150 EUR
Product passport, for 1 SKU or itemfrom 100 EUR
Labels and tags set per product, for 1 SKU or item from 100 EUR

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