We develop concepts and ideas in subject design and services for our partners.

We visualize product and service data.
We communicate with users about the methods of application and the benefits of the product.
We draw sketches and sketches of ideas for future items.
Writing scripts for product and service concepts.
Working in conditions of changing uncertainty, we create the concept of the product of the future.
We create visions of the future environment and ecosystem where products and services are used.

The world around us is changing rapidly, we must constantly meet these challenges.

We use our accumulated experience in subject design, as well as the experience of our partners to work on large-scale ideas and values ​​in the product.

Our vision of the future is superimposed on knowledge of the present and the past.

We describe and visualize all this in the concept of new products and services.

We carefully listen and hear our partners, understanding that not all bold ideas can be perceived by consumers and society.

We offer optimal and rational options for solving ideas and concepts in subject design.


Consultation on furniture business for 2 hoursfrom 200 EUR
Design revue of a lineup, for 1 SKU from 250 EUR
Consultations on marketing and product with answers to 3-5 questions (1-3 days). from 700 EUR
Technical audit and recommendations for optimizing the company’s production processes, per 1 direction (cabinet furniture). from 1,500 EUR
Design and Technical tour to the exhibition and/or reference productions, for 1 day *. from 1,200 EUR


Supervision of the Marketing Department from 1,500 EUR
Supervision of the product development department of Art Directors from 1,500 EUR
Supervision of the department of designers of Tech-directors from 1500 EUR
Consulting on marketing a product and/or service for a month (competitors, distribution channels, prices, reference products, ABC analysis, SWOT analysis) from 3000 EUR
Consulting on the creation of a product and/or service for a monthfrom 3000 EUR
Consulting crisis management, marketing, production from 6000 EUR


Express analysis by product or company from 3000 EUR
Detailed analysis of a product or company from 9000 EUR
Search for a promising product and service for the domestic market from 9,000 EUR
Search for a promising product and service for export markets from 18,000 EUR
Questioning online, for 1 questionnaire from 50 EUR
Questionnaire offline business unit, for 1 questionnairefrom 300 EUR
Selection of reference products and benchmarks from 1500 EUR
Functional TK from 1,500 EUR
Product design concept from 1,500 euros Design concept furniture seriesfrom 3500 EUR

A comprehensive critical analysis of our ideas and concepts allows us to rely on the most viable solutions.

Design Studio SV & Partners creates successful concepts and ideas for its customers.

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