In project management for creating a product and service, we solve the following problems.

Change management.

Task management.

Time management.

Resource management.

Management of risks.

Our partners are very different; there are large companies; there are also medium and small companies.

Regardless of the scale of the partner, questions arise with project management to create a product.

We SV & Partners design studio together with partners solve such problems and create a project working group.

The working group consists of specialists from the design studio and employees of the partner company.

Such a group leads and manages change and the entire project as a whole. Our task is to make the project management process the most simple and understandable for all participants in the working group and the partner company.

Task management, time management, and resource management are the main areas of project management that are decided by us throughout the entire period of development of a product of subject design.

We apply the SKRUM methodology and the NORD cycle to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

Also in some projects, we use sequential cascading models or cyclic models based on Agile.

We know where and how to simplify the solution of the project task, and where it is necessary to “dig deeper” and “look wider” at the task by applying the necessary set of project tools.

Design Studio SV & Partners works in adaptive design and change management environment helping its partners solve complex and extremely complex tasks.


Consultation on furniture business for 2 hoursfrom 200 EUR
Design revue of a lineup, for 1 SKU from 250 EUR
Consultations on marketing and product with answers to 3-5 questions (1-3 days). from 700 EUR
Technical audit and recommendations for optimizing the company’s production processes, per 1 direction (cabinet furniture). from 1,500 EUR
Design and Technical tour to the exhibition and/or reference productions, for 1 day *. from 1,200 EUR


Supervision of the Marketing Department from 1,500 EUR
Supervision of the product development department of Art Directors from 1,500 EUR
Supervision of the department of designers of Tech-directors from 1500 EUR
Consulting on marketing a product and/or service for a month (competitors, distribution channels, prices, reference products, ABC analysis, SWOT analysis) from 3000 EUR
Consulting on the creation of a product and/or service for a monthfrom 3000 EUR
Consulting crisis management, marketing, production from 6000 EUR

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