In the work of the design studio SV & Partners, a special place is taken by prototyping and prototyping of future products.

We know how important the process of creating and testing prototypes of a future product or element is.

How much time and money this important step saves in the subsequent stages of product development and production.

Using the prototyping method, we can avoid mistakes in design, ergonomics and production technology. At the prototyping stage, optimal manufacturing operations and processes are studied and offered. There is also a process of optimization and unification of parts and components.

We can confidently say that the stage of prototyping and testing of future products is a key link in the system of creating a competitive product.

Particular attention should be paid to prototypes of future products that will be implemented in the Industry 4.0 production lines.

The most important properties of such products will be “consistently repeating quality” and “high production speed”, “low production costs”.

In the production of prototypes, we use the following basic principles.

  • PDCA cycle (Planning, Action, Verification, Corrective Action)
  • The method of dividing the structure (Complex and incomprehensible divide into simple and understandable elements)
  • The method of critical analysis of the structure (Created in doubt and destruction, find weaknesses, make corrective changes)

We can offer the following basic prototyping technologies at partner enterprises in Ukraine and China.

  • Prototyping from wood-like slab materials using CNC equipment and manual revision.
  • Prototyping from textile materials on sewing and cutting equipment.
  • Prototyping of sheet plastics using CNC equipment and manual refinement.
  • Prototyping of sheet steel by laser cutting, CNC bending, welding, and manual benchwork.
  • Dummy production by the processing of massive metal billets by cutting at 3-5 axial CNC machining centers.
  • 3-D printing of parts, elements, profiles, cases from various polymeric materials or metals.
  • Dummy production by casting in silicone molds.
  • Prototyping by the method of vacuum forming of sheet plastic.

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