The full cycle studio SV & Partners works for its partners in the creation and production of private label and contract manufacturing products.
You may not have the competencies to develop and mass-produce your idea or product.
For a small company and small parties, we will choose production of an appropriate scale, if you have a large annual circulation of products, we will offer two, three or more manufacturers and synchronize their work based on the requirements of the order.
You need to increase the volume of products, and you select a partner who will locally represent your production interests in Ukraine.
SV & Partners full-cycle design studio has production experience and a team of technical specialists to solve your tasks.

As an integrator and a competent technical partner, we will take on the following processes:
Creation of technical documentation according to your idea or TK.
Search and selection of manufacturers and related industries.
Control of stages of production or batch production.
Control of the terms of production of a product or batch according to the contract
Quality and quantity control of a product or a batch.
Monitoring the movement of a product or batch to its destination.
At all stages of our work, we will be able to provide photos, video reports, our technical specialists and inspectors will carefully and scrupulously check your order and write an accompanying inspection document

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