SV & Partners full-cycle design studio creates creative office and commercial spaces.

For creative offices and coworking.

  • Our competence in the creation of furniture was transformed into the design and implementation of working office spaces, as well as various purpose commercial public spaces.
  • We work in such projects as the general designer and general contractor, consolidating all participants in the supply chain and the execution of work.
  • We are interested in solving the complex tasks of designing modern functional offices and offering innovative solutions that comply with Industry 4.0.
  • We have an understanding that a modern office lives in 24/7/365 mode and in a modern office there are many processes not at traditional desktops.
  • We pay special attention to areas of non-formal communications, focus areas, areas of collective communications and rallies, training and classrooms where today 50 to 60 percent of staff time is spent.
  • In such places, the main business value is created, this is the idea, and in such places, business systems are improved and project teams are formed.

For Retail & HOREСA

  • It’s also interesting for us to solve creative and technical problems of creating interiors for shops, boutiques, hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • We understand that the business works for the end customer and design the system from this point of view.
  • Before the start of the main design work, we can do the stage of “pre-project analysis” and evaluate the proposed location and concept from the point of view of 4P + 2S.
  • Thus, we can offer an alternative vision of the future project that will confirm your choice or justify reasonably the revision of the concept and location.

We offer

Creating ideas and space concepts.

Creation of Design Design and Working Documentation.

Management of work contractors.

Conducting work on the completion of the interior with building materials and components.

Conducting contract supplies of furniture and interior items.

Installation and after-sales service.

Organization of relocation.

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