Strategic marketing in the furniture industry

Analytics and marketing audit

  • Collection of primary data on the market for furniture and furniture components in the target segment.
  • Questioning consumers and collecting customer experience.
  • SWOT | PEST | 4P-7P Marketing mix | ABC
  • Audit of the site and company pages on social networks.
  • Audit of sales spaces and sales team.
  • Study and analysis of the competitive environment in the selected segment.
  • Client series, models of production, and service processes.
  • Search for “brand marks” and references in Ukraine and the World for business tasks.
  • Consolidation of data in the documents “Pre-project analysis” and “Marketing analysis”.

Strategic Marketing and Product Portfolio Management

  • Design thinking
  • Lateral marketing
  • Development of a development strategy for the product and service portfolio of the company.
  • Goals at the tactical and strategic level in the product.
  • Conducting strategic sessions.
  • Vision, Mission, Values ​​of the company regarding new products and services in the furniture sector.
  • Development of alternative strategies and business models for the implementation and production of the product.
  • Creating a sustainable business strategy architecture.
  • A roadmap for organizational structure, core business processes, and process chains including implementation of industry 4.0.
  • Consolidation of data into the document “Company Development Strategy”.
  • Presentations of the strategy and business model to the owners and top management of the company.
  • Consultations of narrow-profile specialists from the furniture industry.
  • Consultations of narrow-profile specialists from related industries.
  • Creation of external or internal teams with “cross competencies” at the request of the customer.
  • Construction of product creation departments for the client’s task.
  • HR consulting.

We are professionally and focally working in the furniture industry sector.

We study local and export markets for furniture and interior items.

We implement the best solutions in the product, service for furniture companies, and specialized retail.


Express analysis by product or company from 3000 EUR
Detailed analysis of a product or company from 9000 EUR
Search for a promising product and service for the domestic market from 9,000 EUR
Search for a promising product and service for export markets from 18,000 EUR
Questioning online, for 1 questionnaire from 50 EUR
Questionnaire offline business unit, for 1 questionnairefrom 300 EUR
Selection of reference products and benchmarks from 1500 EUR
Functional TK from 1,500 EUR
Product design concept from 1,500 euros Design concept furniture seriesfrom 3500 EUR

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