Subject design in the furniture industry

Subject Design is the main tool for the strategic and tactical growth of the business, ecosystems of products and services among consumers and users.

Subject Design creates a key advantage in obtaining a set of values ​​of use and visual difference between products of competitors with similar basic functions.

Subject Design creates new opportunities and the customer experience in the process of interaction between the user and the product, not only for the consumer but also for the company.

Subject Design is responsible for the issue of the effective application of acquired personal, collective skills, and experience by improving the objects of labor, the environment in the global scale of civilization every day.

Subject Design is a rational controlled process and the result of creating a mass production product for utilitarian household and professional use by the target audience of consumers.

Main Stages in the Subject Design of a full cycle.

1. Strategic marketing research, clarifying the needs of users and consumers.

Market research on sales and references for similar products.

Analysis of user needs and existing customer experience.

Study of the ecosystem of consumers and users of a new potential product.

Surveys and surveys of consumers and users.

Study of the production capabilities of the customer’s company.

2. Preparation of Terms of Reference for Subject Design and Consulting.

The goals of the company to be fulfilled by the development and implementation of a new product.

Planned indicators of the project in terms of cost, minimum batch, investment in goods, and materials.

Regulations of work and composition of the project team.

Criteria for evaluating design solutions.

Terms of project implementation.

Product and project system boundaries.

Technical requirements and project standards.

The willingness of the sales structure to support sales of the new product at the planned level and in key sales markets.

Personnel and qualifications required for the implementation and implementation of the project.

The technical readiness of the company to introduce and produce a new product on-line.

The financial readiness of the company to invest in the creation of a new product and the technological chain.

3. Subject Product Design and Engineering.

Design concept (Subject Design), which defines the main stylistic vector of product development, options, and modifications, a brief description of materials and technology.

It is performed in simplified graphic manual and computer graphics.

Product design project (Subject Design) that reveals consumer characteristics: aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, materials, basic production technologies, and a list of materials.

It is carried out in the form of an engineering project, including the stage of preparing documents for electronic signature (draft design according to the ESKD standard) and 3-D visualization.

Engineering design of a product or series of products in a CAD and CAM environment.

It is executed in the form of a library of digital files and hard paper copies.

Working design documentation for the product, stage O1 (prototype 1).

CAM NC programs for machining centers and CNC lines (on request)

Design documentation for the packaging of the product in assembled and/or disassembled form.

Packing list.

Assembly and installation diagrams of products.

Passport products.

Warranty card.

Labels, Tags, Marking.

Group transport packaging on a euro pallet for shipment to the domestic and export markets (on request).

4. Production of a new Product Design.

Layout and production of main units, connections, types of finishes, operable key elements.

Prototyping from original materials specified in the Design project of a fully functional and workable product.

Manufacturing and technological consulting.

Selection of materials, components, equipment, and tools for the introduction of a new product.

Engineering and technological support for the implementation of the product at all stages of launching an experimental, pilot, and serial batch into production.

Finalization of technical documentation including the stage of a serial product.

5. Promo and Content in the creation of a Product Design.

Naming, Branding, Identity.

Brand and/or product design legend.

3-D visualization of images of a new product for omnichannel and cross-platform promotion in digital and offline channels.

Photo content.

Video content.

Infographics, technical images, charts, diagrams, prices.

Copywriting: emotional, selling, informational, technical.

3-D Models and Libraries in 3Ds MAX and BIM format

Listings for international e-commerce partners.

Landing page and/or website.

Advertising brochure or catalog.

Technical booklet or catalog.

Sale zone registration.

Exhibition zone decoration.

We provide answers to the following questions in Marketing and Product Design:

  • Who is the client and what does he want?
  • How to make a product in the face of production and material constraints?
  • What new product to produce?
  • At what price and in what market should a new product be sold to make a profit?

Map of stages and interactions when creating a product design

We create a product and service in the furniture industry with a long life cycle that brings profit to the company.

We specialize in medium-volume, high-volume Mass Market furniture and furniture components in the following segments of the furniture industry:

Office furniture for the head.

Office furniture for staff.

Furniture for banking institutions according to the brand book or on the basis of the Technical Assignment.

Upholstered furniture and armchairs for office and public spaces.

Office stationary and mobile partitions.

Acoustic wall, ceiling, and partitioning screens.

Acoustic conference booths.

Modular receptions.

Supports and accessories for office furniture made of steel, aluminum, wood, plastic.

Cabinet furniture for living rooms.

Small furniture molds

Wardrobe systems and racks

Cabinet furniture for bedrooms.

Cabinet furniture for children.

Furniture for the kitchen.

Dining areas, tables, and chairs.

Cabinet Furniture for “Home Office”

Furniture for trade, exhibition spaces.

Furniture for the RETAIL segment and specialized furniture RETAIL

Furniture for Hotels, SPA centers, and rooms.

Furniture for the HORECA segment

Outdoor, garden, and country house furniture.

Upholstered furniture for home

Front furniture fittings

Systems of aluminum profiles for furniture facades.

Post-transom aluminum, steel, wood systems.

Door systems

Concealed doors based on aluminum profiles.

Ceiling suspended lighting systems based on aluminum profiles.

Table and floor lamps.

System solutions and equipping workplaces for furniture workshops and workshops.

Why choose SV & Partners studio as a strong partner in Subject Design.

It can be seen from the structure of stages and sub-stages that the work on designing a new product requires significant accumulated experience in the furniture industry, completed and implemented projects.

More details about our completed projects and concepts can be found in the Projects section.

To perform a complex of Full Cycle Subject Design work, you must have a high level of multidisciplinary competence.

You can read more about the history and clients in the History section.

In the section Experience and Competence you will find detailed information about partner companies, industry experience, sales channels, materials, technologies.

Many stages of work require highly specialized, highly paid Top-level specialists in the project team.

In the Team section, you can see our multi-disciplinary team of senior-level specialists and management.

Complex projects require specialized professional hardware and software.

Our studio is equipped with modern computer equipment, as well as photo and video equipment, more details can be found in a special section.

The technical rider of the studio equipment is in this section.

Working on global projects and working out the smallest details in the direction of Subject Design for our partners, requires the SV & Partners full-cycle studio to concentrate on solving the tasks set.

A high-quality service product Subject Design is an expensive business tool that established and ambitious furniture companies can afford.

The cost of a complex Subject Design project including Marketing Research starts from 25,000 Euro

We understand that there are furniture businesses of different size and income, we have service offers for small furniture formats.

For small and medium-sized businesses, we have developed package offers in the form of one-time payments for a consultation and payments for a month of support of the company with consulting service.

This allows you to work more efficiently and create new products by the internal staff of the partner company while using the mentoring and supervision of the full cycle product design studio SV & Partners.

One-time consultations from 200 Euro

Packages of monthly consulting services from 1,500 Euro

A detailed basic price list with our prices and a link to the preliminary form of the Terms of Reference.

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