Video content is the main element of modern communication between business and consumers.

Video content tells about your product emotionally, informatively and effectively.

Video content allows you to solve many different educational and business problems, while maintaining a social and psychological distance.

Video content, as a marketing tool, the most effective and efficient for the majority of target audiences of consumers.

Video content has a rather long life cycle and a “cumulative effect”.

Our showreel in 3D

Example of video editing “Trade With Ukraine”

Sample video and infographics

We specialize in creating video content in the following areas:
  • Instructional videos;
  • Product overview videos;
  • Overview videos of trade and exhibition spaces;
  • Production overview video;
  • Information videos;
  • Industrial videos;
  • Video interview;
  • Promotional Video 3-D animation and infographics;
  • Video animation in 3-D schemes of assembly and installation of furniture;
  • 2D video animation and infographics;
  • Explainer
  • Backstage
  • Maintaining a Video Blog on Industrial Design and Furniture Industry.

Stages of work.

1. Pre-production

  • Acquaintance and communication with the customer
  • Receiving a brief or technical assignment from the customer
  • Preparation of the scenario concept and preliminary estimate
  • Coordination of script and personnel plan, timing, audio accompaniment and special effects
  • Preparation of the final estimate
  • Signing a contract for the performance of work and receiving an advance
  • Preparation of a technical rider for video filming based on the script and personnel plan
  • Selection of crew members
  • Casting cast
  • Selection and coordination of locations
  • Selection of service and logistics partners
  • Creation and installation of decorations
  • Selection of props
  • The rehearsal process of training actors and models.

2. Production


  • Administrative group
  • Scenario group
  • Directing group
  • Operator group
  • Lighting group
  • Acting group
  • Art department for creating decorations and props
  • Make-up department
  • Costume department
  • Stunt and pyrotechnic department
  • Technical Department and GRIP
  • Game transport


  • Organization of the filming process in the studio and at the location.
  • Technical support of the shooting process with equipment and consumables.
  • Maintenance of the uninterrupted shooting process according to the work plan.
  • Shooting video products.
  • Audio recording on the set of the studio and on location. Monitoring, collection and storage of filmed material.

3. Post Production.

Video editing:

  • Sorting footage
  • Selection of the best takes and scenes that meet the requirements of the Brief and TK
  • Linear video editing
  • Non-linear video editing
  • Animated screensaver creation
  • Teaser and trailer creation
  • Creation of titles and subtitles
  • Selection of video fragments from the stock video library.

Audio recording and mixing:

  • Selection of musical accompaniment from the audio stock library
  • Voice-over recording
  • Voice recording and dubbing
  • Recording and mixing audio track video

Audio Effects:

  • Creating and recording sound effects

Video CG Effects:

  • Create 3-D video graphics and infographics
  • Create 2-D Video Graphics Infographic
  • VFX effects

Archiving and storage:

  • Saving the original takes and scenes, the results of post-processing work.

Transfer of finished video material:

  • The finished material is transferred to the customer in electronic form and on digital media in accordance with the format approved in the Brief and TK.
Video formats.
  • FullHD 30 FPS basic video filming of SV & Partners studio production
  • Shooting 4K video – for a project with a budget of 3500 euros, work shift
  • Shooting 6K video – for a project with a budget of 5,000 euros, work shift
  • Shooting 8K video – for a project with a budget of 8000 euros, work shift

Base prices

All prices are given for the city of Kiev, we work throughout Ukraine, except for the occupied territories of CADLO and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Basic prices for Pre-production.

Scenario plan, for a plot from 30 seconds to 3 minutesfrom 250 EUR
Personnel plan, per frame in b / w 6 frames on A-4from 60 EUR
Frame plan, per frame in color 6 frames on A-4from 120 EUR

Base Video Prices

Video 3-D animation, in 1 minutefrom 2500 EUR
Advertising video in 1 minutefrom 1250 EUR
Frame plan, per frame in color 6 frames on A-4from 120 EUR
Advertising video in 30 secondsfrom 950 EUR
Video from photos and infographics, 1 minutefrom 600 EUR
Educational video, (minimum time 30 minutes), for 1 minutefrom 40 EUR
Video interview (minimum time 10 minutes), 1 minutefrom 70 EUR
Video reportage (minimum time 5 minutes), for 1 minutefrom 150 EUR

Base prices for video editing

Simple linear installation, 1 minutefrom 10 EUR
Infographic editing, 1 minutefrom 40 EUR
Linear editing with video effects, 1 minutefrom 50 EUR
Linear editing with video and audio effects, 1 minutefrom 100 EUR

Additionally, it is calculated and included in the estimate based on the Brief and TK:

  • Rent and / or purchase of additional equipment and consumable components.
  • Game transport rental.
  • Rent of costumes, props and decorative items.
  • Rent of locations in the open air, individual buildings and premises.
  • Services of modeling agencies and models.
  • Casting and acting agency services.
  • Services of agencies and specialists in special effects and pyrotechnics.
  • Creation of decorations, their installation, dismantling, transportation, storage and / or disposal
  • Short-term hiring of additional personnel to perform work related to the preparation and conduct of photography, cleaning the location and dismantling the equipment.
  • Payment of transportation, logistics costs and storage of equipment and props.
  • Services for the provision of Security and safety for all participants in the filming in places of increased danger and mass gatherings of the population.
  • Personal protective equipment for all participants in the shooting and protective boxes for equipment when filming in dirty, dusty locations and premises.
  • Accommodation and daily allowance for all members of the film crew in accordance with the approved estimate and the legislative framework of Ukraine.
  • Additional food on the set with a work shift of more than 8 hours and during night filming after 22.00.
  • Payment of tickets, tariffs, fees, duties, visas related to the implementation of activities on the work on the customer’s project.
  • All shooting hours after 22.00 are paid + 50% to the working hour rate for the entire film crew.
  • All shooting hours at open locations in winter are paid + 25% to the base rates
  • A working shift in winter at a temperature of -15 degrees lasts no more than 5 hours, while the customer provides or pays for a heating place for the film crew.

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